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27 November 2017

This is the final call for you to be part of the next issue of Laurel Leaves, the OGA’s annual magazine, due to be published late Spring 2018. Have you any family news? Perhaps you have undertaken some charity work or embarked on a new phase in your career? Whatever the case, we would be delighted to hear from you! Send in your news of engagements, marriages, births, school reunions and career moves. We love to see your photographs too!

For any news of special interest that you think would make a good feature, please do share with us and the OGA. We always look forward to hearing from you and everyone loves to read about what EHS Old Girls are up to!

Don’t miss out!

The Old Girls' Association is moving increasingly towards electronic communication. Please update us with your preferred email address by sending an email to oldgirls@edgbastonhigh.co.uk. This is also a good time to ensure we have your correct postal address and will ensure you receive your copy of Laurel Leaves.

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