One of our priorities is to provide the individual advice and guidance that your daughter will need to make an informed decision as to what she may progress on to in the future

In the light of this, careers advice starts at Key Stage 4 and continues all the way through to the Sixth Form.

Advice is given on the basis of realistic expectation, AS grades, comments from subject teacher reports and knowledge of your aptitudes and character. Mock interviews are arranged for students who have interviews at a university, either with a member of the teaching staff, or someone with a particularly relevant background from outside school. Oxbridge candidates are prepared.

  • You can expect to receive induction, advice, support and guidance on University and Higher Education entry as well as information regarding gap year opportunities. Some students take advantage of the scholarships or sponsorships available for particular activities or voluntary work which they undertake during school summer holidays at the end of Year 12 or after A Levels in Year 13.
  • Sixth Form students (and also those in Years 10 and 11) will have individual interviews and personalised careers guidance as well as UCAS preparation.
  • All girls are given careers advice and access to the careers room during tutorial time, at lunchtimes or in study periods. Tutorials held with the Head of Careers allow for specific advice on what resources are available and how to use them.