Welcome from the Head Girl

Hello! My name is Holly Morgan and I am Head Girl at EHS. I joined EHS in Year 7, having previously attended a primary school in south Birmingham. I remember looking forward to a fresh start, meeting new people, learning new subjects and I was determined to grasp every opportunity that EHS gave to me. I can honestly say that my time at EHS has truly been unforgettable and the thought of leaving in just a few months’ time makes me feel emotional.

The prospect of being elected Head Girl here at EHS is definitely one I could have only dreamed of back in Year 7. But now I am here I often have to pinch myself, (so to speak) as it still does feel like a dream. I think one of the greatest lessons that I have learnt from my time at EHS is that when an opportunity is there, put your absolute all into it and see how far it can take you. Hard work and dedication to a cause can really take you places that you would never thought you would go!

I have just finished my first year of Sixth Form and am eager for term to resume where I will complete my final year at EHS. In Sixth Form I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths with the aspiration of studying medicine at university in 2018. In Year 7 if you asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I simply would not be able to tell you. Through the school’s incredible teaching and nurturing, I have been able to identify where my strengths and passions lie and I am so excited to see where my passion for Human Biology and Social Care take me. I owe EHS endless gratitude for investing so much time and effort into me as an individual.

The sense of community here at EHS is one of its core characteristics and it makes life here different from many other schools. I have been able to create some extraordinary memories whilst also forming lifelong friendships. One of my greatest EHS memories will always be the World Challenge Expedition that I, along with 16 other girls, embarked upon in the Summer following our GCSE examinations. We explored three different countries in Africa including The Kruger National Park of South Africa, The Lebombo Mountain Range in Swaziland and the bustling city of Maputo in Mozambique. The trip was truly life-changing and an experience I will never forget.

I believe that another strength of EHS lies in teaching the girls to be resilient, that is, developing our capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and spring back from disappointments; this skill is not only vital for all girls during their school life, but is integral to success in adult life.

EHS produces strong and independent girls who go on to make a difference in the world and tackle all aspects of life with confidence. These unmistakable traits of an ‘EHS girl’ have become a part of my identity, attributes that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Holly Morgan
Head Girl 2017-2018