Art and Design

In the Prep School girls are introduced, from a very early age, to a wide variety of art, craft and design techniques. These range from printing to pottery, papier-m¢ch© to puppet making, pastels to painting and many more. They are also introduced to the work of famous artists and girls in Year 6 benefit from specialist teaching in the dedicated ceramics studio.

In Senior School, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Ceramics are taught in dedicated teaching rooms offering up-to-date equipment, space and light conducive to the girls' exploration of technique and where access to specialist staff is guaranteed. Many of these facilities are open during the day so girls can pop into the studios at lunchtime and after school to continue working on a piece of work or to practice new found skills.

The School has always offered good facilities for the study and creation of art and it is such a part of the academic life of the School that older girls often choose EHS at Sixth Form in view of the standard of teaching and opportunities on offer.