EHS has invested considerably in ICT at all levels of the School in recent years.

The number and range of facilities available ensures that girls use PCs, data projectors, software and accessories to enhance their studies in all areas and instill high standards of presentation from an early age.

All classrooms have a PC (including the Nursery) and white boards are a common feature around School, aiding and facilitating the girls' use of ICT. Dedicated ICT suites in both Prep and Senior School have been refurbished and extended in recent years and the girls all benefit from a School email address while good protection is afforded by firewalls and content screening software for internet use.

ICT is used in other forms in School including the Music Department's composition suite, the Graphic Design Studio and Assemblies in the Octagon where sound, visuals and lighting are combined to illustrate the subject of the day.

The girls' skill and confidence with ICT is an accepted feature of School life and they demonstrate this daily through project work, preparation for public examinations and informal tasks around School.