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A Lesson in Leadership

12 July 2013

Leadership skills are amongst the most important life skills any school can help its students to develop. Here at EHS Sixth Form we firmly believe that we are nurturing the female leaders of the future and our aim is to provide leadership opportunities for as many girls as possible. Developing self- awareness and training in leadership skills is an equally important part of the equation.

To this end, on Thursday 4July, our Year 12 students enjoyed a day of self discovery and leadership, training with the 'Tiger Teams' leadership training organisation. The morning session, led by Life Coach Emma Darlington, focused on helping students to develop self-awareness and to identify their personal learning styles, strengths and areas for improvement.

Through a series of activities, the girls were introduced to the concepts behind Discovery Insights personality profiling, a system based on the well-known Myers-Briggs personality test that is widely used in the commercial world. Those who had chosen to complete an online test prior to the session received a comprehensive personal profile detailing their preferred personal style and offering strategies for dealing effectively with others who have different personal styles.

In the afternoon, a group of Year 12 girls who have recently taken up leadership roles as Senior Prefects on the Sixth Form Committee took part in an introductory leadership training session with John Peck, MD of Tiger Teams.

John has a wealth of experience in leadership roles and leadership training. He helped the girls to identify areas that they would like to work on during a future session in the Autumn Term.

Professional actress and drama coach, Anna Brook, then led a workshop with the girls on public speaking and presentation skills. Addressing whole school assemblies is something that the new Senior Prefects are already tackling and it can be quite daunting at first. Under Anna's guidance, the girls practised techniques that would help them deliver a confident and engaging speech.

A further day of leadership training is planned with the new Year 13 student in the Autumn Term.

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