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British Science Week at EHS

18 March 2016

Science Week started with a bang at EHS on Monday with an assembly delivered by the Year 13 Physics group focusing on gravity waves. The assembly included a demonstration showing the difference in the behaviour of fizzy liquids on Earth compared to the apparent weightlessness within the International Space Station (ISS). A video, courtesy of astronaut Tim Peake, showed the experiment in context.

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 8 girls put on their thinking caps for the annual Science Week Quiz. Questions ranged from recognising different species of bird, to estimating the speed of the fastest ever wheelbarrow race – would you believe it is an amazing 7m/s!  Congratulations to Team Einstein (Laila Kika, Tallulah Travis and Olivia Gayle) and Andrews1 (Aisha Ali, Lily Buxton and Haeba Siddiquee) who were the highest scoring teams. St Andrew’s House scored the most points overall!

Mr J Sabotig


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