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Destination Paris!

04 November 2016

On 18 October, early in the morning, tired girls were dragged out of their beds, literally, by equally tired parents to get to school for 5:30am. We were all sad to say goodbye to our families and we were all a little apprehensive about what to expect on our first trip to Paris, however, by the time that we had actually got on the coach and every single one of our seat belts had been buckled and double-checked by the teachers, we were filled with excitement for the wonderful journey to come.

After thirteen hours on the coach, we arrived at the hotel. Everyone was tired and grumpy so we ended up leaving our suitcases in reception and racing to the eating area to get dinner.

On the first full day in Paris, we went to the museum des sciences and toured the main sites of Paris. We saw a fraction of the poverty in Paris as we saw camps of homeless people, tents and cookers, on the sides of the roads. We had lunch at Flunch and then enjoyed seeing many symbolic buildings and monuments including the Arch de Triumph, Notre Dame and of course the Eiffel Tower. During our coach tour we were given some very insightful facts about Parisian history by Miss Rankin. After sightseeing we were all very hungry so we went to the Hard Rock Café and ate dinner. After buying lots of merchandise we got back on the coach and went to Montparnasse tower where we saw the amazing scenery of Paris at night. We all watched the Eiffel Tower, which we had seen up close earlier in the day, from a distance, all lit up.

The next day in Paris brought with it many happy memories. We got on the coach early in the morning again and set off for Disneyland. Upon arrival everyone ran into the massive Disney store and fought their way to get the Disney ears. After this we all spread out across the parks, some of us queued for rides, and some of us just walked around shopping, but everyone was very happy. For dinner we went to a large shopping mall and got given twenty euros to spend on dinner.

The next day consisted of mainly the same things, but in the morning we got a small lie in, so everyone was less tired during the day after staying up all of the nights before because we were all so excited. At the end of the day we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner; this was our last meal in Disneyland and every one was very upset.

On the last day we woke up early, packed and got on the coach to leave Paris. We were on our way home and weren't as happy about it as we had thought we would be at the start of our trip. On our way to the tunnel, we stopped off at a shopping centre called Citie Europe where we bought last-minute snacks for the rest of the journey home. The way home took considerably less time than it had taken us to get to Paris and when we got back to school we all rushed into our parent’s hugs, also happy to see us.

Zaineb Al-Ani

Year 10 girls all want to say thank you to staff for this amazing opportunity and all the effort that was put into the trip. Here are some of the girls’ thoughts:

“What I really enjoyed was the second day, because after a long coach journey from the hotel, and a few unplanned detours, we finally got to the science museum. We started in the Maths section learning about 3D shapes, volume and Pythagoras. Once we had filled in all of the sections in our booklets we could go and look at the other sections. Some of people’s favourite attractions were the phobia room, paranoia display, the depression room and the chaos theory fountain. Although we didn’t see much of the museum, what we did was fascinating and intriguing “ - Maddie Howl

"Thank you to the teachers for making it the best trip ever! I almost cried when we left Paris!" - Amani Jaigirdar

"Thanks for all the effort that you have put into this trip for us, we really appreciate it!” - Amrit Gill

"Thanks to the maths department for organising an amazing trip, it was the trip of a lifetime!"- Leena Medani

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