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EHS and the Award-Winning Allotment

16 September 2011

On a beautifully sunny Sunday in August, Edgbaston Guinea Gardens Allotment Society held its annual show. Gardeners from any of the allotments can enter produce they have grown in a wide variety of categories.

The show was held in the community orchard, which is in our school allotment, and we were happy to host the event.

The Sunday morning was spent harvesting produce trying to find the best examples and there were lots to choose from. Then the anxious wait as the judges made their decisions.

We were delighted by the results we received which included: third places for apples, carrots and potatoes, second places for our rhubarb, herbs and peas and a first place for our raspberries. The most exciting news was that EHS had won the Ron Orme Trophy for the best exhibit in the show for our display of flowers, all grown on the allotment.

Mrs Gelderd, who has worked so hard and enthusiastically in the allotment, collected the trophy on behalf of the school. She also made the tea! We are delighted that she is continuing to help us develop our allotment even though she retired from the staff in the summer.

Our congratulations and thanks to all Prep and Senior School staff, girls and parents who have helped during the year to maintain the allotment and grown the variety of different items which proved so successful.

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