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Forthcoming Library Events

07 October 2016

Two new lunchtime events are coming up before the half term break and girls in KS3 are warmly invited by Ms Jones-Owen (English teacher) and Mrs Sansom (Librarian), to take part.

On Monday 10 October there will be a Poetry Trail around the school building with girls working in teams to solve the poetry riddles.  Prizes will be awarded for completed trails.  The event begins and ends in the Library, 1.25 – 2.00pm.

Later in the week, on Friday 14 October, there is a great opportunity to find out about new authors and new novels available from EHS Library with reading support and advice in general, from Ms Jones-Owen and Mrs Sansom.  All girls at EHS are encouraged to try reading something  different, to widen their reading choices and find an author or fiction genre that makes reading personally rewarding.  Girls can borrow at least 2 books at a time, initially for 2 weeks.   A book reservation facility is available by using the Eclipse Library software on the school network, via the link on the EHS Website home page or by using the (free) iMLS app.

Details of these events are also posted on the EHS Library Facebook page.


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