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Year 9 Physicists Take on The Big Quiz

05 February 2016

On Tuesday 26 January a group of buzzing Year 9 physicists set off to The University of Birmingham to compete in The Big Quiz. Over 90 teams from West Midlands’ schools took part and we were delighted when Edgbaston High finished in the top 40.

The team consisted of Harine Nemal, Zaineb Al-Ani, Sonia Afzal, Niamh Flynn, Louisa Maynard, Davina Mahgerefteh, Halima Haroon and Hawra Mohammed. During the day we answered 6 rounds of questions, which was followed by an interesting lecture given by a Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University.

The day was fun and enjoyable, and all the girls commented that they would take part again. We would like to thank Mrs. Coldrick for taking us on a remarkable trip.

By Harine Nemal

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