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Sixth Form Nutritionists introduce a Food Tasters' Club

29 January 2016

As the Food & Nutrition Scholars, we feel part of our role is to encourage younger girls at the school to enjoy healthy food. We decided to try a Food Tasters club with Year 7. A notice in assembly inviting them to our Food Tasters Club was successful and we met last Friday in the Food room.

We introduced the Year 7 girls to a new and currently very popular piece of equipment, the Spiraliser. Molly and Ellen demonstrated how to transform raw carrot, beetroot courgette and even that stalk of broccoli that many people throw away, into lovely long spirals of vegetables. The 'tasters' were very keen to taste. This is obviously a great way of getting children (and adults) to eat more vegetables. The tasters were also offered a stir fry and baked sample of these new shaped vegetables and they definitely enjoyed the textures and flavours.

Gabriella also took the opportunity to carry out some sensory analysis for her A Level Food & Nutrition coursework with this willing group of tasters. They had to decide which of the two granola samples she had made was the sweetest. One sample had dates and agave syrup rather than sugar. Lots of discussion took place about this and it certainly made the girls think about why we need to consider sugar content in our food and how we can use natural sweeteners. 

It was a successful first meeting and we hope to run another session next week on Friday 5 February at 1:30 in the Food room. There will be a notice in assembly and a list for girls to sign up on the small board opposite Textiles 2.

Hope to see you there.

Gabriella (Y13), Molly (Y13) and Ellen (Y12).

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