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Maths Team’s Final Challenge

11 March 2016

On Tuesday 28 March a team of four eager Year 8 and Year 9 girls travelled to King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys to compete against approximately 30 other schools in the regional final of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge.

After some warm-up questions to settle any nerves, the main event consisted of four rounds: Group Round, Crossnumber, Shuttle and Relay. These rounds required the girls to solve a variety of challenging mathematical problems, testing their accuracy, speed, communication and strategy. Perhaps the most exciting was the Relay, where, upon getting a correct answer, competitors had to pass the next question to a pair of distant teammates. Significant amusement resulted as pupils frantically attempted to navigate from side to side of a packed hall as quickly as possible.

Well done to the team of Davina and Harine in Year 9, and Priya and Simran in Year 8 who were able to apply their mathematical knowledge to tough questions in unusual situations, whilst maintaining their enthusiasm and working well as a team throughout.

Mr S Thomas
Teacher of Mathematics

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