Message from the Head Girl

Hello and welcome to Edgbaston High School. My name is Briony Chitty and I am Head Girl for the academic year 2018-19. I joined the school in Year 1, when I was only 5 years old, and I have not looked back since. 

Although I have little memory of looking around the school when I first joined, I do remember visiting the Senior School and Sixth Form. Struck by the confidence of all the pupils and the opportunities that lay before them, I could not wait to continue my EHS journey from Prep into the Senior School, and take advantage of these same opportunities.  

Coming up through the school, I had always admired and respected the Sixth Form girls and Leadership Team. I would be lying if I said I had never imagined what being Head Girl would be like and whilst this did not reduce my apprehension when the application process came around, I have my EHS-grown confidence and determination to thank for inevitably encouraging me to apply for the role. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of ‘just going for it’ - with appropriate preparation of course!  EHS has taught me that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it - with a little hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. These are unmistakable traits of an ‘EHS girl’ and ones with which I identify very closely. As Head Girl, I look forward to in turn showcasing the opportunities that first drew me to the school to the younger pupils, and inspiring them to take each and every one in their stride. 

My current academic interests lie within psychology and philosophy, which I am hoping to continue studying at university next year. The nurturing teaching style at the school is truly excellent and the staff’s investment into each girl’s development as an individual, both academically and pastorally, enables all girls to find their own passions and areas of achievement, whether they lie within academia, the arts or anything and everything in between.  

There is a unique sense of community within the school and between girls. Even after leaving the school, all girls remain part of the Old Girls’ Association so it is fair to say that ‘once an EHS girl, always an EHS girl’ - and a proud one at that! The memories made as part of this community, whether it be on an everyday basis or on school trips to places such as Africa, Canada or Iceland, will stay with me for life and I owe EHS endless gratitude for making my school experience such a happy one and for the guidance and support I have received along the way.

Briony Chitty 
Head Girl 2018-19