Pastoral Care

As in all parts of EHS, the pastoral care of the girls is key to their enjoyment and development.

We recognise the importance of each girl feeling secure and happy within the School community if she is to reach her full potential.To that end at EHS we seek to provide excellent pastoral support. Form teachers have an overview of your daughter's work and experiences in School and support her in her learning across the curriculum.

Members of staff have good relationships and work together as a team. The staff form strong links with members of their form and demonstrate their responsibility and care for them. This unity offers girls a common set of standards and a good quality of life in the school community.

Girls are taught, both by example and through the curriculum, to value themselves and respect the needs, welfare and feelings of others.

The School Nurse and Doctor both make important contributions to the welfare of pupils and we have excellent links with community health organisations.

Girls develop close relationships with their Form Teachers and other key members of staff and are encouraged to talk about any problems or concerns that they may have on a regular basis. 

We encourage girls to seek support when necessary and excellent communication between Staff ensures that any problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.