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Sixth Formers enriched by Fine Dining course

13 October 2017

EHS Sixth Form’s comprehensive academic curriculum is complemented by an exciting and varied enrichment programme.

Sixth Form Enrichment takes place on Wednesday afternoons throughout the Autumn and Spring terms. Students have the opportunity to study a course of their choosing and this is designed to be a fun, relaxing and valuable extension to academic A-level studies.

Cooking skills are a must for our girls as they look forward to increased independence at university. During the Enrichment session, the students cover cooking on a budget as well as fine cuisine and this gives them confidence in their ability to cook and be creative.

The girls get to work in a relaxed but productive environment, creating different dishes each week. This week they made apple rose cakes which, as you can see from the photos, were a pure work of art. And delicious too!

Mrs Harris

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