Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School

The Senior School aims to provide a learning environment which allows individual girls to reach their personal best in a wide range of ways: in maximising their academic achievement, in developing their personal qualities, in providing opportunities for them to grow as responsible members of a community and in encouraging their creative and flexible thinking.

  • We are proud of our history and traditions, but also responsive to change and forward-thinking.
  • We provide a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum which is regularly reviewed.
  • We have high expectations and support each girl to meet them by monitoring her individual progress with the best possible pastoral care.
  • We encourage girls to develop confidence - in themselves as individuals as well as in their abilities.
  • We work in an atmosphere where girls can be happy and relaxed, but at the same time concerned for others and self-disciplined.
  • We seek to develop qualities and skills that will prepare girls for a changing future: a capacity for life-long and independent learning, skills in accessing information, flexibility in outlook, creative capability, independence of mind and the ability to communicate well.
  • We enrich and extend the curriculum by providing opportunities for a wide range of activities both within the classroom and outside that cater for all interests and abilities.

Dr Ruth A Weeks
BSc Hons PhD

Senior School Headlines

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Christmas is an excellent opportunity for girls to enjoy reading, whether it be to read around their academic subjects or broaden their range of authors or...

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Year 7 feeling festive

Over the last fortnight, Year 7 have been channelling the festive spirit. During Monday lunchtime they were invited into the library to make Christmas cards....

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7J debate the future of Antarctica

During the Autumn Term, Year 7 have been studying Antarctica in Geography. They have learnt about its location, discovery and fragile nature. The culmination...

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