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TEDxYouth@Brum 2017

13 October 2017

On Wednesday 11 October, Sixth Formers had the opportunity to attend the first ever TEDxYouth event hosted in Birmingham. The theme at this inaugural event was Courage. The day began at 10:00am with a variety of speakers covering a broad range of sub-topics centred around cultural, religious and gender identity, and the issue of double standards to name but a few.

During the event we were also treated to musical, dance and spoken word performances by poets, dancers, and musicians. Highlights include a mesmerising aerial theatre performance by Rogue Play which was so good it defied gravity and nature by making it rain indoors in a theatre, and a moving choral performance by ‘The Choir With No Name’ - a group entirely made up of people who have or are experiencing homelessness.

We all came away from the event a little exhausted from jumping and dancing to the final act of the day - a performance by the socially-conscious reggae band KIOKO - but we left the building inspired!

We would like to thank Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Ehiogu for accompanying us to the event as well as participating alongside us and giving us the opportunity to attend in the first place.

By Elyanna Choi

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