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African Well Sponsored by EHS

12 July 2013

Edgbaston High School has long been a loyal supporter of Aqua Aid and the associated Africa Trust. Our donations have been used to build fresh drinking water wells in areas of Africa where it is needed most, such as in schools and villages.

We are proud to announce that our contributions have led to the installation of an 'Elephant Pump' well in a community in Africa. The pump is based on a 2000 year old design. This is a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system and is built by the people of the area who are then taught how it works and how to repair it using local materials and parts.

One of these wells bears proudly the EHS name and will supply sufficient clean drinking water for a rural community in Africa for many years to come. This pump will bring much needed clean, fresh drinking water to the community but will also benefit other sustainable projects, such as planting a banana crop, keeping it watered so it bears fruit that can in turn be sold and the money used to pay for school fees for the children in the community.

We fully support this initiative and are incredibly proud to be involved.


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