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An Evening of Theatre for English Students

30 January 2015

Last week, a group of Year 11 GCSE English students spent the evening at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford to see their production of "Love's Labour's Won".

The coach journey wasn't too long and so before the play started we were all able to explore the World War One exhibition in the galleries in the RSC, as well as the café!

Having seen the film version of the play starring Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh as Beatrice and Benedick the plot was familiar to us all and so we were really excited to see the stage production as it would bring the story to life.

Shakespeare wrote the play 'Much Ado About Nothing' in the year 1598. The play tells the story of two sparring lovers, Benedick and Beatrice, who meet again after a long absence. They continue to argue, that is until their friends manage to trick them into acknowledging their love for each other, and an unexpected, happy ending is achieved.

Michelle Terry, who played Beatrice, and Edward Bennett, who played Benedick, depicted a different kind of love story. They worked really well on having a relationship where they argued a lot but we could still see the chemical bond between them. Most of us loved the humorous side of Benedick.

Tunji Kasim, who played Claudio, and Flora Spencer-Longhurst, who played Hero, were totally different from Beatrice and Benedick. Claudio showed us how he fell in love with Hero at first sight and how he admired Hero's beauty. We all felt sad for Hero when Claudio misunderstood her and left her. They showed us the importance of treasuring one another and a love story which people have dreamt of.

We enjoyed the day so much! We particularly enjoyed the musicperformed by Sam Alexander, who played Don John, and the singing from the actors and actresses, especially the song "Sigh No More", the rhythm and lyrics of which totally fitted in with the story.

Written by Emily Chung, Nadia Ismail and Beatrice Kessedjian

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