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the weekly newsletter from Dr Ruth Weeks, Headmistress

The great debate

24 March 2017

This has been a great year for debating; in a time of political unrest we have had some interesting and thought-provoking debates with topics ranging from Trump to sexuality.

As always we have had the occasional humorous game including our favourites such as  Radio 4's Just a Minute and the well-loved balloon debates. It has been great to welcome new members to the society, particularly from Year 10, who have demonstrated the future of debating is in good hands.

This year has also seen success and achievement in many competitions. We have sent teams to the ESU Mace and the Oxford competitions for which the teams were well prepared by Mrs Park and Miss O'Hare. Hannah Clutton-Brock and Emma Khan succeeded in reaching the regional final of the Mace. The highlight of the debating calendar was the afternoon workshop with Bablake School where both schools worked together on debates such as "Should private schools be banned". This was accompanied by a much appreciated lunch of sandwiches and cake.

Well done to all debaters.



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