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29 January 2016

Look out for February’s edition of Birmingham Living magazine as it features one of our current pupils and an Old Girl, Helen George, of ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fame. Florence, aged 15, currently competes in two dance categories: Freestyle (which is fast and furious performed to hyper techno beats) and Slow, which is more elegant and lyrical.

Florence trains for 10 hours a week and she caught the attention of a sponsor, designers of her elaborate outfits, A Bizarre Obsession run by Karen Whelan. They began sponsoring Florence 15 months ago and it’s proved a good move. Although plagued by injury for a few months, Florence came back stronger and more determined and started winning trophies.

The moment people realised that Florence had something special was last year when she was crowned winner of the intermediate category at the Eurodance championship in Burnham-on-Sea, beating 90 other dancers to the title. Now promoted to the highest and hardest level, Prem Champ in the under-16 category, Florence has stepped up a gear.

Florence is studying Dance at GCSE and her ultimate dance ambition is to win the biggest competition in her chosen discipline, Disco Kid at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom which is a huge championship. We wish Florence well in her future competitions.

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