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Get reading this half term

10 February 2017

The half term break is a great opportunity for leisurely reading. In the coming week, girls at EHS will have plenty of opportunities to visit the Library and stock up on novels to suit all reading interests.

Girls in KS3 are invited to a ‘Reading Clinic’ during lunchtime, on Thursday 16 February. Ms Jones-Owen and Mrs Sansom will be happy to answer reading-related questions and advise on reading choices. Girls will also be having Library time during English lessons and form times, next week.

Community Libraries and major West Midlands Public Libraries such as the Library of Birmingham, are great places for a family visit during school holidays and EHS Library staff are happy to answer queries regarding libraries near you for an enjoyable and successful visit.

Copies of reading lists are available on the Parent Login section of the School website

Mrs Sansom


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