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Inspiration Day

01 July 2016

On Monday 27 June, Year 9 and 10 girls took part in an Inspiration Day which consisted of seventeen different activities. Girls were able to choose which activities they wanted to try. In the morning, the girls received a very detailed and inspiring talk from a representative of Aston University, where they were encouraged them to think about life beyond school and learned the basics of CV writing.

Afterwards, we were encouraged to try something new and develop our skills further by taking part in various activities led by different members of staff.  These included:

  • Highland Fling – the oldest dance in Scottish History.

  • Lego enigma – building Lego with a twist.

  • Computer Programming – learning the foundations of Computer Science.

  • Scrap booking and card making.

  • Touch Tennis – a simplified yet intense and energetic experience.

  • Textiles Technology - creating funky accessories using technical textiles.

  • Electronic Music – using Garage Band to produce quick and easy music.

  • Building Radios – soldering a radio to play all your favourite tunes.

  • Charm bracelet making.

  • Italian – learning some basics of the language and enjoying some traditional food.

  • Russian – learning basic greetings and the Cyrillic alphabet.

  • Novels and Nibbles – a mind opening chocolate filled experience.

  • Cross Stitch Key Rings – getting to design your initials.

  • Calligraphy – learning the basics of the art of calligraphy.

  • Zumba – a fun way to work out and keep fit.

It was great to see some of the skills of our teachers which we they don’t normally have chance to share with us in the classroom!

To close the Inspiration Day, a group of Young Enterprise speakers joined the girls in the Octagon to get them thinking about decisions regarding their future careers. The girls indulged in fantasising about their dream life style only to realise that it would take a lot of hard work for them to achieve their goals. However to set them off, they were guided to set some goals for the near future such as passing their GCSEs with flying colours. Overall this proved to be a successful way to finish the Inspiration Day.

We asked several girls about what they thought of Inspiration Day and it was encouraging to find out that they would recommend this day carried on annually for future year groups. Many girls enjoyed their activities and others found it interesting to experience new opportunities.

As some of the girls have suggested, hopefully there will be future Inspiration Days ahead of us. Many thanks go to Mrs Johnson and Miss Cockerill for organising this great day, and all the staff and students involved in making this day a success. 

Mila Manadhar & Priya Lal

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