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Junior mathematicians compete in challenge

24 March 2017

On Tuesday 7 March, Year 8 pupils Amna Nisar, Vibha Patel, Francesca Draper and Bethan Harrison travelled to Camp Hill Boys School ready to put their maths skills into action for the Maths Junior Team Challenge.

We were all excited, but at the same time quite anxious, to be taking part in this mathematical competition. We were joined by participants from other schools, all of whom were required to attempt to solve tricky maths problems over the course of four rounds. Competition was very fierce and, although we did not win, we are very proud of ourselves for taking part.

We would like to thank Mrs Hayward for organising the trip and we would also like to thank Mrs Norman for taking us there and supporting us during the competition. Overall, it was an exciting experience for all of us and we would definitely like to do something like this again in the future.

By Vibha Patel and Amna Nisar

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