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Forthcoming Literacy Events

14 October 2016

As the leaves start to fall and the seasons shift, EHS has been caught up in a flurry of troches, dactyls and iambs, as students and staff put pen to paper for the whole school poetry competition. The girls have been asked to produce a poem in any form on the theme of the seasons. Year 7 pupils’ entries are on summer; Years 8 and 9 are tackling winter, without alluding to Christmas; Years 10 and 11 are writing about autumn; and the Sixth Form are composing poems about spring. Girls can enter anonymously and are welcome to collaborate to produce an entry.

The staff are also entering their own compositions, with slightly looser thematic strictures. The deadline for students and staff is Friday 4 November. A panel of judges will choose the winning poems from a shortlist, following which the poems will be published here, with prizes for the winners. So, if you haven’t submitted anything yet, channel your inner Duffy, Wordsworth or Hughes and start crafting those cantos!

In other poetry-related news, girls in Key Stage 3 took part in the school’s poetry trail this week. Hopefully they will all be inspired to enter poems in the competition as a result. Other literacy activities on the horizon include a spelling bee for Year 7, taking place on Wednesday 19 October.

Mr Wilkins
Head of English

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