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Maths Report

24 March 2016

Spring Term Report
This term was the turn of Years 9, 10 and 11 to enter the Intermediate Challenge. In Year 9, Bronze certificates were awarded to Louisa Maynard, Hawra Mohamed and Anya Oates, with the Silver and Best in Year going to Davina Mahgerefteh.

In Year 10, Bronze certificates went to Clemency Abbot Black, Safa Akhtar, Megan Barrington, Natasha Carmichael, Elysia Cheung, Noor Et Air, Ryanne Fleet, Emily Irving, Vipanchi Katamaneni, Maddey Kerr, Hannah Miller and Poppy Suggett. Lava Yassen was awarded the Silver certificate. The Gold and Best in Year and Best in School was won by Poppy Lovell.

In Year 11, Bronze certificates were given to Mariam Ahmad, Laura Brown, Hannah Clutton Brock, Zainab Fakir and Mojo Kehinde. Silver certificates were awarded to Phoebe Marshall and Sirui Zhuge, with Sirui also winning Best in Year.

Year 10 Maths Feast
This was held last month at Birmingham University. It is an exciting competition for students in Year 10 testing mathematical communication and teamwork skills. It was organised by the Further Mathematics Support Programme. Each team consisted of four students in Year 10 working together on a set of problems.

Two teams from EHS were able to demonstrate that they could react positively to new situations and apply previous knowledge to solve problems. We congratulate the following girls for taking part: Safa Akhtar, Katie Buxton, Clemency Abbott Black, Natasha Carmichael, Maddey England Kerr, Poppy Lovell, Emily Towers and Sophie Verrall.

Junior Team Challenge
The Challenge took place two weeks ago at Camp Hill School for Boys. Well done to the team of Davina Magherefteh and Harine Nemal in Year 9 and Priya Jagpal and Simran Afzal in Year 8 who were able to apply their mathematical knowledge to tough questions in unusual situations, whilst maintaining their enthusiasm and working well as a team throughout.

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