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Molly's Skiing to Victory

11 December 2015

Molly in Year 11 has been extremely busy of late. Not only has she been sitting her Mock Examinations, she has been participating as a GB Skier. On Saturday 14 November, Molly ventured to Holland to gain her classification for skiing with ParaSnowsport GB.

Over the following three days, Molly had training with her fellow GB teammates and participated in three races. The first was a youth race, U17, in which Molly won Gold; Bronze went to Poland and Silver to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

After this race, Molly went straight into another which was the first International Paralympic Committee of Alpine Skiing (IPCAS / IPC) race of the 15/16 season. Molly completed the first two runs and sadly missed a gate on the third run so was disqualified. Molly was racing against a very strong women’s stand up, consisting of five 2014 Paralympians, three medallists. The coaches realised Molly’s disappointment and promptly placed her in the next day’s racing. Happily Molly completed her first IPC race that day placing 10th, which result in her losing a lot of points (this is a good thing!).

Molly was then on her way swiftly to the Europa Cup (the next level of competition and new playing field). Molly commented that she has learnt the following things from her experience:

-To accept her disability for what it is (and the amazing opportunities that she has been offered as a result)

-To cope with immense disappointment 

-To pick herself back up and enjoy the feeling of achievement

Molly hopes to be able to join her GB team mates in France for the NC (GB National Championships) Races 26-27 March and the training beforehand. 

Molly still sets herself personal targets, for example she commented that her “personal goal before I get to be out with the team again is to work on getting my edges higher and using my shin guards, which therefore means a tighter line… hopefully allowing me to get under 30-35 seconds in a run!“

A huge congratulations to Molly on all of her achievements.


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