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10 October 2014

The girls in Nursery have settled extremely well and are very much enjoying their learning opportunities and getting to know each other. In this article we have shared just a snapshot of some of the activities the girls have particularly enjoyed recently.

The topic this week has been 'Green' and the girls have experimented with green paint. Using only their hands and corks and no guidance they were allowed to do as they chose. The green tablecloth allowed two of the girls to enjoy some imaginative play by pretending they were a 'blind monster.'

Smelling herbs such as rosemary and mint gave the girls another sensory experience. The girls used their noses first but then discovered the aroma was stronger when they rubbed the leaves then smelled their fingers.

Rain, which we have had much of this week, gave further experience. The girls stood out in the rain, for a short while, and felt the raindrops on their heads and outstretched arms.

Whilst the stormy weather has not allowed much outdoor time the girls have enjoyed being indoors, practising their pre-writing skills on a large scale.

We will follow the Nursery girls' adventures with much interest.

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