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Novels & Nibbles

01 July 2016

Relaxing reading whatever the weather.

English and Library staff were delighted to take part in Inspiration Day on Monday 27 June when  a group of girls gathered  for  Novels and Nibbles.  Chocolate tasting encouraged creative thinking which led to a discussion on how authors, in particular Joanne Harris, the author of “Chocolat”, draw a reader into a novel in their choice of words and building of sentences. Key passages in the novel were explored before more chocolate was consumed leaving everyone feeling upbeat and confident about persevering with  their choice of book or rising to the challenge of an untried author.

Girls in Year 7 enjoyed making book marks, on June 20, to personalise their reading books. The Library buzzed with activity during the lunch break whilst Ms Jones Owen and Mrs Sansom were happy to advise the girls on books and authors to broaden their reading tastes.

As the girls look forward to the summer break with seven weeks of leisure time, EHS Library provides a wide range of novels, in print and ebook formats to suit all girls and staff in the school community.   Girls can borrow a generous selection of library books for the holidays and need to make sure their ebooks on Overdrive account is set up, for reading with personal electronic devices. The ebook resource requires a PIN available from Library staff and is available to girls in the current years 9 to 12.  The school library also makes available a free app. iMLS which allows EHS girls to manage their library accounts (with a PIN) and get reading suggestions from the “Who Next” option.  Parents and carers can use the “Guest” option to gauge the range of books available

EHS Library also uses social media purely to promote reading matters and authors: @Library_EHS is our Twitter account &  There are also booklists on Pinterest (account Alibrarian) to suit all age groups. Girls can pick up printed booklists compiled by the Librarian and Teachers from the English Department.  So now is the right time to start choosing books, getting a Library PIN and asking Teachers and Library staff for advice.

Community Libraries and the Library of Birmingham have summer holiday activities to support children and young people with their holiday reading and websites such as Books for Keeps and Love Reading 4 Kids have a wide range of recommended book titles with helpful reviews.

Mrs Sansom


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