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P.E. after school timetable

09 September 2016

This term's P.E. after school timetable for Senior School:


After school activity

Timings and collection point


Year 7 Netball begins Mon 12 Sept

Year 8 Netball begins Mon 19 Sept

Year 9, 10 and Senior HOCKEY  begins Mon 19 Sept


Lifesaving - Mrs Link begins Mon 12 Sept

4.00-5.10 collection from school


4.00-5.10pm collection from school


5.10pm collection from reception


Year 7 hockey begins Monday 12 Sept

Year 8 begins Monday 19 Sept


Year 10, Year 11 and sixth form Netball begins Monday 12 September


FENCING         Begins Tuesday 13 Sept

4.00-5.10pm  collection from school at 5.15 from school



4.00-5.10pm collection from school at 5.15 or from pavilion at 5.10pm.


5.00pm collection from reception



Early Morning Swim Club begins Wednesday 14 Sept for Year 8 and above - Miss Vann to advise when Year 7 can start


Year 9 Netball begins Wednesday 14 Sept



SWIM CLUB  Wednesday 21 September

7.35-8.30am at the swimming pool



4.00-5.10pm collection from school at 5.15, from pavilion at 5.10pm.


4.00-5pm collection from main school reception


Competitive Gym Clubs - All Years begins Thursday 22 September



5.00pm collection from reception


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