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Planning for Spring

25 October 2013

The Year 5 girls finally managed a trip to the allotment on Wednesday afternoon, after repeatedly postponing their visit due to the week's incredibly heavy rain. Fortunately their patience paid off and the pupils were treated to a beautifully sunny, autumnal afternoon.

On arrival they were delighted to spy the new 'Cat in the Hat' scarecrow, greeting them at the entrance, brightening up the area even more than usual.

Armed with gloves and trowels, the girls set to work, digging up the beds, creating wells in which to plant spring bulbs. Earth worms flying, frogs leaping out of the way and soil spraying in all directions - an enthusiastic approach to gardening. Year 5 are already looking forward to next spring when they can reap the rewards of their labours; the interesting planting patterns will be revealed.

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