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06 January 2017

We welcomed everyone back to school in our first assembly of the new year.  We were particularly pleased to welcome Soha and Sara back to our EHS Prep School community and are sure they will settle quickly into routines once again.

Our assemblies have focused on the new year and the resolutions we have made, and can make, to achieve our very best in the year ahead.  These have included academic, personal and friendship goals.  Girls have been encouraged to keep trying and to not give up when things become more challenging using the story of Louis Braille and the hardships he faced.  The story of his life and the creation of the special alphabet which enables blind and partially-sighted people to be able to read was shared on Wednesday 4 January on World Braille Day.

Our displays of beautiful Winter Art around school seem very appropriate at the moment with the drop in temperatures so we have been pleased by the arrival of some fire breathing dragons to make us feel warmer.

As we end this short week we look forward to hearing how Year 1 girls enjoy their trip to the theatre   which we will report on next week.

In the weeks ahead there are many trips and workshops for the girls to look forward to and we hope to see many parents at the EHSPA Valentine Ball on February 4 at Edgbaston Cricket Ground. 

I close wishing everyone a Happy New Year ahead.

Mrs Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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