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13 May 2016

On Friday of last week two groups of parents visited the Preparatory department. In the morning the parents of girls in 6I were treated to a class assembly when the girls took the theme of choices. The girls have been considering this topic as they look ahead to their transition to Senior School. They worked well together to present a number of sketches which included considering the choices we face and the consequences that might be attached.

In the evening, Reception parents visited Year 1 classrooms to get a flavour of what is ahead next year as the girls make the transition to Prep. Year 6 girls were on hand to answer questions. 

On Monday morning we waved farewell to Year 5 as girls and staff headed for North Yorkshire for the residential week at Cranedale Eco-Centre.  The daily updates have kept us posted on the range of activities they have taken part in.  They return this evening and we are keen to hear about their experiences which we will report next week.

In Reception, the girls have been busy making chattering origami animals to help them to learn their phonic sounds, especially digraphs.  They have also been learning about capacity and have been experimenting with how water levels change when teddies are added to the water in a cup.

Meanwhile in Year 1, girls have enjoyed exploring the hundred square.  The girls have laid out a long number track of carpet tiles in the playground from zero to one hundred and then ‘snipped’ the track into pieces to make a hundred square.  The girls have also enjoyed putting together hundred square cut and stick jigsaws, fitting 100 magnetic numbers onto the correct positions on a hundred square and filling in some challenging hundred square pieces.  Maths and numbers are certainly lots of fun!

Girls in 3J welcomed their parents to school on Wednesday to view their hard work when they presented their class assembly.  The girls have been studying the story of Beowulf and his slaying of the monster Grendel in their English and History lessons and were keen to share the story.  We were all impressed by their acting and singing skills and by how well they worked together.  The production also included some very ingenious props courtesy of Mrs Watson.  Well done to all.

We have had a number of other very pleasing achievements to celebrate this week.  Firstly, we are delighted to be able to confirm that Amaris Talati in Year 3 has won the Intermediate section of the British Science Association Competition for 2016.  We are very proud of Amaris’ success and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Our congratulations also go to Julia Watson in Year 5 who took part, with three other girls, in the Warwickshire Chess Megafinal at the weekend.  The girls had qualified following the chess challenges held in school.  During the day’s tournament Julia, Cassie, Maryam and Jaipreet played six matches each and, having won four of her games, Julia has qualified for the Gigafinal to be held in Manchester in July.

We also celebrate the achievements of many girls in their recent Music and Lamda examinations.  All 135 Prep girls passed their Lamda examinations with many achieving merit or distinction and five girls being awarded full 100 marks.  The set of Lamda marks this year was exceptional.

We have ended the week with a trip for Year 4 to the Golden Hinde in London which we will hear about soon.  We would also ask you to keep a look out for our posters advertising the Summer Concert.  These were designed by the girls with congratulations to Fatimah-Zahra Chowdhury and Gracie Herbert for the winning entry.

We look forward to welcoming Reception parents to the girls’ assembly on Wednesday morning in Prep Hall.

Mrs Sally Hartley
Head of Preparatory School

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