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Rigged for Success!

08 July 2016

Our end of term activity involved building an oilrig platform using drinking straws and masking tape. Girls worked in teams to build a platform which had to be 15cm high and could support a certain weight. Winners were chosen according to the number of exercise books their platform supported and the cost of building it. The winning teams in Years 7 and 10 did particularly well managing to support 14 and 16 exercise books respectively.

The winners were:

Year 7 – Yi Bao, Helena Jagpal, Tanya Dosanjh, Rachel Mittoo & Kayoureka Sivanesan

Year 8 – Priya Jagpal, Ana-Victoria Curry, Harriet Jones, Naomi Okafor & Harriet Stanaway

Year 9 – Anya Avasthy, Francesca Fernando, Mahe-Nau Javed, Hawra Mohemed & Samantha Rowe

Year 10 – Maria Brown, Hannah Qadeer, Lava Yassen, Poppy Lovell & Mia Fowler

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