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Sports Day Round Up

01 July 2016

Senior School sports day took place on Thursday 23 June.  The PE staff were grateful that there was a break in weather so that the whole day could go ahead as planned.  In the morning, the field events took place before the track events; Mini Olympics and Tug of War were contested in the afternoon.  Highlights from the morning events include Molly Bohl (Year 10) breaking the school High Jump record with 1m 40cm, Olivia Gayle (Year 8) jumping over 4m in the Long Jump, Louisa Maynard (Year 9) throwing over 17m in the Javelin.  Zoe Souter (Year 7) had a very busy morning, not only competing in every single throwing event, but also successfully winning every throw she did! 

In the afternoon there were also some notable performances from Caitlin Kisumba (Year 7) in the 100m, Amy Cambell winning both the Hurdles and 200m and coming 2nd in the 100m, Isobelle Smith (Year 9) winning the 200m in 32 seconds, and from Esther Simkiss (Year 10) winning the 800m.  Saint Andrews won the combined Year Group Relay.  

The final event of the day was the much anticipated Staff vs Sixth Form Tug of War.  The staff team were victorious winning 2 - nil.  Whilst girls were not competing, they enjoyed buying ice creams, a welcome treat after their efforts throughout the day.  Well done to all the girls who took place.  Final results will be announced in the final Sports Assembly this term.

Mrs Parsons 

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