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Team take on the Maths Challenge

02 December 2016

On Thursday 24 November, the annual Senior Team Maths Challenge was held at Camp Hill Boys School. EHS were represented by four of our Further Mathematicians who competed against 23 other local schools.

Each team competed in three rounds. In the first round the teams worked together to answer 10 questions. The second round was a ‘cross-number’ where one pair of the team were given the across clues and the other pair the down clues. The third and final round consisted of one pair answering a question and passing on their answer to the other pair to use in their calculation etc. Although we did not win, the team were praised for their team work and their polite manners by their supervisory teacher. Very well done to:

Safia Ahmed, Gabriella Higginbottom, Gurpreet Karlcut and Reena Raiyat.

Mrs J Hayward
Maths department

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