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'The World's A Stage' For Year 9

03 July 2015

On Tuesday 30 June, twelve girls participated in the final of the first Shakespeare public speaking competition.

This past term, girls in Year 9 have been studying two Shakespeare plays, 'Merchant of Venice' and 'Henry V'. Girls got the chance to select the most poignant passage from the play to perform to the rest of the class. The first round required every girl in the year to recite, in front of their peers, at least 30 lined of Shakespeare from memory. This was definitely a nerve- racking experience for all, but it enabled girls to improve their performance skills.

Three girls from each teaching group were then selected to go through to the final round: Lava Yassen, Safa Aktar, Mimi Okunribido, Zoe Carver, Emily Irving, Charlotte Baker, Florence Briggs, Jessica Caton, Hollie Astle, Lucy Borghoff, Layla Chishti and Phoebe Benson. In the final round girls recited their Shakespeare pieces in front of all of Year 9 and a panel of judges in the library. Each girl demonstrated a confident approach towards their performance. Skills shown included clear pronunciation, projection of voice, portrayal of their character and some girls even used actions to help explain the meaning of the lines. Shakespeare is not an easy topic to understand, let alone memorise!

The winners of the competition are going to be announced in final assembly and the overall winner will be awarded a shield.

The Year 9 girls all enjoyed listening to each other's speeches and overall we have really enjoyed the experience.

By Natasha Carmichael and Anna Redman

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