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Writing Inspiration

28 November 2014

Year 3 and 4 girls were treated to a visit from Gareth P Jones, author of twenty one children's books.

He read extracts from his books and told the girls what had inspired him to write them. He explained how music inspired him and, with the help of his ukulele and the piano, he taught the girls the music he had written to accompany some of his books. Gareth explained how he wrote his stories and showed them his first draft for his new book to be published in January.

During an afternoon workshop the Year 3 girls had the opportunity to listen to a short story based on Gareth's Dragon Detective series.They were asked to make predictions as to how the story would develop and produced some imaginative and creative ideas, inspired by Gareth's fantastic writing.

Finally the girls had the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of one of Gareth's books.

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