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Year 10 take on the Enterprise Challenge

06 May 2016

On Monday 25 April, Year 10 took part in The National Enterprise Challenge. TNEC is an inter-school enterprise competition and the challenges set are tailor-made real life business challenges. Teams of six girls were given the task of designing a product or service for schools and then in the afternoon, pitching their idea to a panel of four judges. Each school which enters the competition is able to send their winning team to the National Finals. This year the finals will be held on Wednesday 29 June at Doncaster Racecourse.

Group 12, called iHelp, won and the winning group consisted of Charlotte Baker, Briony Chitty, Nour Eltair, Grace MacInnes, Mimi Okunribido and Lava Yassen. 

Mrs K Newling

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