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A Lesson in Roman Life

24 June 2016

This year, pupils in Year 8 have learnt about different aspects of life in Roman Britain and Romanisation.  Therefore, on Thursday 16 June, Year 8 embarked on an exciting trip to Verulamium (St Albans), one of the Roman towns we have studied. After learning, in lessons, about Boudica and the Roman towns she destroyed, a lot of girls (and teachers!) were eager to see the remains of the third largest Roman Britain town.  After a long journey there we arrived and much to our delight had a picnic lunch. During this trip we had a handling session with Roman Objects; saw the breath-taking view of the ancient theatre and filled ourselves with knowledge in the fascinating museum. We really enjoyed the brilliant handling session with some of the relics and remains, which got our brains working hard. From making mosaics to picnics in the park, we really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Roman Life. 

Priya Jagpal and Lucy Phillips

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