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Year 8 visit historic Baddesley Clinton

30 June 2017

On Thursday 22 June, students in Year 8 visited the historic manor house of Baddesley Clinton in Solihull. Upon arrival the girls were taken back in time to the year 1588; the Spanish Armada was imminent and English troops were readying themselves for battle. For the Catholic occupants of Baddesley Clinton, life was uncertain and at times very dangerous as it was illegal to practise Catholicism in Elizabethan England.

Whilst there, the girls took part in workshops on Tudor clothing, music, weaponry, and fun and games. The workshop on weaponry was particularly interactive, and some of the teachers found themselves at the mercy of the executioner! They enjoyed hearing fascinating accounts of the Catholic priests who sheltered in the house and managed to avoid the Queen’s pursuivants by hiding in intricately designed priest holes.

The girls had a thoroughly interesting and exciting day, and we look forward to our return next year with the new Year 8.

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