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A Display of Excellence

08 July 2022

We are constantly amazed by the high quality of work produced by pupils of all ages here at EHS. In recognition of that talent and hard work, each term teachers are asked to nominate outstanding or excellent work to the Excellence Book. This term, we have once again seen work of an extraordinarily high calibre produced by girls in every year and across a range of subjects. Congratulations to the following students in the Senior School and Sixth Form for some exceptional work.


Norehan Elkhazin (Y9)

For an outstanding review of Aeneid Book 1. Norehan showed an excellent understanding of what the book tells us about Roman values. Norehan impressed Mrs Macro by not only completing this work but also finishing the whole of Aeneid. Fantastic!


Zahra Khan (Y9)

For independently creating a fantastic piece of work based on lyrics of a song. Zahra has impressed us with the effort she went to in exploring and analysing the lyrics in exceptional details. This was both a visual and written display of her ideas.

Evie Glass (Y9) and Hannah Gray (Y9)

A very detailed newspaper articles on ‘The Trial of Antonio’ in the Merchant of Venice.

Sakinah Rahman (Y9)

For producing, effortlessly, a beautiful sonnet exploring the concepts of love.


Sajathi Chanthirakumar (Y10)

For consistently excellent work in assessments and homework in Geography.

Charis Tai and Kate Stockton (Y9)

For an excellent Galápagos Islands TV advert. They created an instructional video and used very inventive means to convey they were actually on the island. Quite a challenge in the middle of winter when this was filmed.

Elisa Calebiro (Y8)

For her amazing homework on ‘The Life of River’, where she completed the challenge question ‘how is a river like a human?’. Elisa created a comparative story at each stage of the river’s course, showing the similarities between the river characteristics and features to that of a person. Her drawings are excellent and descriptions include key terminology.


Kiri-Anmol Sandhu (Y8)

For a fantastic poster on Harriet Tubman. It was incredibly detailed informative and aesthetically pleasing. It also initiated a great debate with the Head.

Alyzah Hussain and Ifeoma Onwunaje (Y8)

For an incredible video on Harriet Tubman

Amrita Dhillon (Y8)

For producing an excellent analysis of Edward Colston’s life and what should happen to his statue. This also sparked a lively debate about whether any human being should be put on a pedestal.

Zara Hussain (Y9)

For an interesting and informative presentation on The Salem Witch Trials. Zara’s powerpoint was eye-catching and contained just the right amount of information. Zara completed extensive research for the project.


Zara Hiscock (Y10)

For independently discovering the same method used by Carl Gauss for summing all the integers from 1 to 100. She then adapted it for summing 1 to 1000 and presented her method to the class in a clear and precise manner (she also explained it to Mrs Macro, so that she could understand it). Overall, an incredible and insightful feat.



Aleesa Tariq (Y7) and

Lara Wilcox (Y7)

For her result of 100% in the recent French assessment.

Tanvi Hebballi (Y9)

Very good progress and excellent assessment result in French.


Eva Seymour (Y8)

For her amazing result of 100% in the recent German assessment.

Eva Seymour (Y8)

Also for achieving 99% in her summer examination in German, an amazing achievement. Well done!

Anjali Doal (Y9)

Excellent German homework.

Ruby Sharma (Y9)

Very good progress and for achieving the highest mark in the year group in the German Spring Assessment.

Summer Okafor (Y7)

For an outstanding piece of writing in German on describing yourself and your family.


Indira Jagpal (Y12)

For an excellent Spanish presentation on a topic from the film ‘Volver’. Indira taught the group how the female protagonist used what is natural for women to escape detection.

Keerat Bharj (Y12)

For a wonderful Spanish presentation on the Customs and Rituals in the community of La Mancha. Keerat explained the differences between funeral rituals in La Mancha compared with other places. Keerat enjoyed the dark humour of the film ‘Volver’

Rhea Joshipura (Y12)

For a detailed and informative presentation on the secrets of the film ‘Volver’. Rhea enjoyed teaching her classmates and delivered the presentation as well as the Q&A in Spanish.

Norehan Elkhazin (Y9)

For a piece of Spanish writing that would rival the standard reached at the end of Year 11. Fantastic effort and achievement.

Amara Ahuja (Y10)

For regularly completing work to an excellent standard in Spanish.  She also completed extension tasks using a wonderfully varied vocabulary.



Maya Gupta, Maggie Lester, Eva Seymour (Y8)

The students produced an exceptional video to support their Gudwara design presentation. The graphics were impressive. Fantastic level of commitment to RS.


Lyra Webb and Marlah Gill (Y7)

For giving a fantastic speech at Open Evening in front of well over 250 people. They showed no nerves and spoke with enthusiasm and energy.



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