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River Study at Carding Mill Valley

17 June 2022

On Monday 13 June, Mrs Egan (Head of Geography) took Year 8 to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire to collect data on the river valley and focus on how rivers create landforms. During the trip we measured the depth of the river, river velocity and measured bed load. 

We were put into different groups and used our team work skills to do these activities with everyone participating in collecting data. We also had an instructor, Darron, who demonstrated how to do these activities and helped us when we struggled on something. 

My highlight on the trip was when me and my team walked up the steep hills as well as learning more key information about Carding Mill Valley. One fact we learnt about Carding Mill Valley is that it is around 100 years old! 

Everyone would like to thank Mrs Egan for planning an amazing trip for us to learn more about rivers; we had an amazing time.

Written by: Aaminah Mirza  8B 
Credits: Iman Nazir 8B , Jaya Samrai 8B

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