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Year 5 Adventurers!

13 May 2022

Year 5 happily boarded the coach for Shropshire last Tuesday morning following the Bank Holiday weekend. Our residential was something that had been talked about, but now it was a reality. With a mixture of nerves and excitement, there was a buzz in the air! 

The centre excelled our expectations. Girls loved the dorm rooms and discovering who they were sharing with. Hearty breakfasts were enjoyed before full days of activities, all outside in the fresh air. The weather was kind to us and enabled everything to take place as planned. Team work and resilience were key to the success of the week and the girls impressed us all with their support of each other. 

Making rafts from ropes, logs and barrels that actually floated on the lake was a highlight, we even had huge smiles when some went for an early dip! The giant swing caused much of a stir as screams were heard ringing out over the centre followed by requests to quickly go again! We all survived in the forest and made sturdy dens although making a camp fire with a flint proved to be rather tricky. 

The evenings were just as much fun as we sang around the campfire, learning extremely catchy songs, danced the night away in the disco and captured the flags! 

What a success! Exhausted girls were returned home safely with many tales of adventures and memories made.

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