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A Special Visitor

06 May 2022

Last term, charity representatives for each form had a meeting with a very special visitor, our very own sponsored Guide Dog puppy Mojo. Over the duration of two years, girls have baked, performed, jogged, swam and sung, raising funds to name a puppy that will eventually go on to support the life of someone with sight loss. In fact, enough funds were raised over the period that we were able to name two puppies, one for Prep and one for Senior School. Two very special names were chosen for our pups - Grace and Mojo - in memory of two students who tragically passed away a number of years ago. 

Mojo attended with his Puppy Raiser Lynne who explained that she was responsible for his care and socialisation throughout his first year, teaching him all the skills he will need to become a fantastic Guide Dog in the future. Mojo was also joined on the visit by his Guide Dog mum Golden Retriever Vixen, who lives at home with Miss Vann, a volunteer for the charity. 

Both Grace and Mojo are Golden Retrievers, a breed successfully used by the Guide Dogs Association to assist the lives of people living with a range of sight loss conditions. They were born on 21st April 2021, and as they progress beyond their first birthday they will begin their advanced training and hopefully go on to change the lives of the people they are matched with. 

We have already begun raising funds to name a third puppy in the future and we look forward to Vixen’s next litter of guide dog puppies in the summer. 


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