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06 May 2022

Our Discovery Den this week featured growing from seed to plant to the food we eat. We looked at different seeds and every day fruits with seeds, which we have for snack time. We had planters containing potatoes in the soil along with carrots still with their green leaves. The girls were amazed at pulling up a carrot from the soil and digging up potatoes.

Girls learnt that a tiny seed has so many things that can grow from it starting by planting it deep in soil, giving it some water and letting the sunshine do its work.  The girls took some seeds from a dry sunflower head and planted their own. Reception girls developed this work further by planting cress seeds to take home and they used different materials such as cake cases and seeds to make beautiful 3D collage flowers. Afterwards, Reception girls were able to discuss at length the various parts of a plant, which was very pleasing.  

Triangles and pyramids provided further topics for study in Nursery this week. Cutting toast into triangles, making Jubilee bunting and decorating a pyramid net before constructing the shape gave practice of fine motor skills. Sorting shapes and playing the shape post-box game have helped girls to identify a variety of shapes accurately.

In Kindergarten this week Z has been the letter sound studied and the topic of the zoo a main focus for many of the activities. They have read zoo books and completed a range of tasks based on the stories. Literacy links have included writing letters, retelling the story, using zoo animal prepositions, matching words to pictures and looking at the beginning sounds of zoo animals. The zebra alphabet has been a highlight.

Mathematics and creative arts have featured too with zoo subtraction, zoo animal memory game, pattern shapes using animals and zoo animal size ordering. The girls have also created bar charts when counting animals and used zebras to help with number ordering. Marble painting and creating animals they might see at the zoo developed further skills.

In Reception, girls have continued learning about Ramadan and the festival of Eid. They dressed up and also designed their own mehndi patterns for their hands.  Using the hammer and nails, they were able to create a picture of a mosque too.

They have continued the topic of 'Creatures Great and Small' by making and decorating pet beds, collars, and writing a description of each pet in their own passports!  We have had a very busy animal week. 

In the Outdoor Area at the end of last week, girls made beautiful sun catchers out of CDs. They have sparkled all week. The girls were very proud of their achievements and were keen to show them to their friends on the walk to lunch!

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