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17 June 2022

Harborne Little League Netball has been established in the Harborne area for over twenty years. The league aims to provide the opportunity for local girls aged 8 - 11 years (school Years 4, 5 and 6) to play highly-organised, adult supervised netball. 

The aim of Little League is fun, fair play and enjoyment of netball and as such girls of all abilities are welcome to take part, especially those who have not played the sport before. For the last 11 years this league has been hosted at Edgbaston High School on our Richmond Hill sports site as part of our local community outreach programme. P.E. staff offer expertise and umpiring, and all facilities are offered to the local community without charge.

Players and parents arrive each Saturday at 11am and players can take part in a weekly training session with local netball elite coach Vince Johnson. Teams then warm up and there are either two or three rounds of matches each Saturday afternoon from the beginning of March through to the end of June. Whilst the teams - all based on the wonderful Harry Potter collection - Dumbledore, Gryfinndor, Weasley, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Wizard, Hogart Wall, and Ravenclaw compete in a league system, Little League is about so much more than just winning a league. Each team is made up of a number of girls in each year and the teams are balanced so that girls play with girls from other schools, and make lifelong friends.

There are two particular highlights of Little League for me each year. The first is to see the development and progress the girls make over the course of five months with novice players becoming more experienced and experienced players leading and helping younger players. Second are the team helpers, our group of 14-18 year olds who return to assist with teams each week, all former Little League players themselves.

Teamwork, tuck shop, friendship and playing, development and progress - what better things are there to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon?! EHS would like to thank Vanessa Nicholl and her Little League team for all their hard work with the wonderful opportunity they offer to local pupils and EHS plans to continue to support this endeavour for a number of years to come.

Mrs Batchelor
Director of Co-Curricular and Outreach

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