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Senior School prepares for Speech Day

10 November 2017

We are delighted to announce Old Girl Lara Fatah (2001) as our Guest Speaker at this year’s Speech Day.

Lara is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and the School of Oriental and African Studies and has published a variety of articles in the international press on issues relating to Iraq and Kurdistan. She is also a global fellow of the London based Think Tank 'PS21'.

Since leaving EHS, Lara has worked on projects relating to the Middle East since 2003 and has extensive experience in media practices and consulting on a variety of topics including economics, trade, politics and culture. In her roles as Deputy Editor of Soma Digest and as Project Executive of the London based 'Kurdistan Memory Programme', Lara travelled extensively through the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and developed a thorough understanding of the people, politics and culture of the region.

Speech Day is a highlight of the Senior School calendar and this year's ceremony will take place on the evening of Friday 10 November at the University of Birmingham’s Great Hall. We look forward to welcoming Lara back into school.

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