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Mrs Macro's End of Term Message

08 July 2022

As we reach the end of term and the last ‘Friday Headlines’ for a while, I wanted to commend the girls and staff for their endless energy and enthusiasm for all the events across the whole school. We have worked hard throughout the year and in the last few weeks the girls have been able to enjoy residentials, including a wonderful surf trip for Year 12, day trips,  a very successful Bake Off, sports days for all age groups, Diva Night, the inaugural EDGE talks, a highly energetic House Musical in a Day and so much more. 

We have also celebrated the ‘top’ years of our school in two Prize Giving celebrations. On Tuesday, Year 6 sang songs from their fabulous ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ production, read poetry and Mrs Hartley spoke to us about the many memories of their time at EHS. It was a joy and a privilege to award their prizes and congratulate all of them on being fabulous leaders of the Prep School. We look forward to welcoming many of them into the Senior School and wish everyone all the best. On the preceding Friday we said goodbye to our wonderful Year 13. It was an afternoon of celebration for all they have contributed to school life and achieved over the last few years and you can see some highlights in the photo gallery below. 

They have reinstated traditions that were temporarily lost to the pandemic and created some fantastic new ones. Most notably the introduction of pastoral peer mentoring and a cultural day that will undoubtedly be carried on by the next leaders of the school. The sport, tech, links between the Senior and Prep Schools, academic mentoring, music, drama, poetry and house events have all flourished with the outgoing Year 13. Their energy is unrelenting as seen in lip sync battles, gala dances, cooking hundreds of cakes and samosas, as well as organising activities for younger pupils, and a hugely successful RAG week. Their understanding of the footprint we leave behind is remarkable and they have a deep-rooted desire to help.  

I wrote in my contribution to their yearbook that even in the darkest and most challenging of times they have always managed to raise my spirits and that I hope they will never lose their individuality, amazing creativity and generosity of spirit. On Friday I asked them to indulge me one last time by ending on a quote (a trademark of my assemblies) and for them I chose one that speaks to how they have helped me and others in their time at school. Maya Angelou, a truly remarkable woman and an inspiration, said: 

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 

We also said goodbye to some teaching staff in our Friday Final Assembly.  

Miss Jenny Harrison, English, UCAS and EPQ 

Mrs Rowena Richardson, History, UCAS and EPQ 

Mrs Draper, Year 2 and Geography coordinator 

Miss Monet-Rossetti, French 

Mrs Kaur, Chemistry and Biology 

Mrs Bowers, Food and Nutrition 

Mrs Rogers, Music 

Miss Harrison, Mrs Richardson, and Miss Monet-Rossetti all retire at the end of year with a combined service of 89 years. We wish them all the best, and an incredibly happy retirement. Mrs Draper, after nearly 24 years of loyal service, is moving to take up a new position and we wish her all the best in this exciting adventure. Mrs Kaur also moves on to a new teaching position and we wish her a happy and fulfilling time in her new school. Mrs Bowers and Mrs Rogers have been fantastic in helping us out this term, and we thank them for the commitment they have shown over this brief period. 

I would like to end by thanking parents for your support and enthusiastic return to in-person events such as the Year 6 production, Senior School Sports Awards Evening and Diva Night. Your presence back in school was most welcome and we look forward to a host of events next year.  

I wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer. 

Mrs Clare Macro 

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